Interview with the owner of Executive Moving And Storage. The moving company owner explains the reasons why his customer encountered the issues that were discussed in our previous Pissed Consumer interview:

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Also, here you will find out some moving tips from the owner of the moving company:

0:06 – What is behind the scene of every moving business?
3:30 – Why isn’t it easy for moving industry to have good reputation online?
4:15 – Is it better to go online with the issue or to call to the company straight?
9:54 – Does door-to-door move exist?
10:09 – Why can the actual moving services differ from the ones promised by brokers?
12:15 – What should consumers pay attention to when ordering moving service?
16:45 – Things consumers should know before arranging a long-distance move.
20:38 – Is it better to use a local moving company?

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