House removals by Johnsons Moving Services Ltd. We offer a high-end home removal service, giving you the confidence that your personal possessions will be moved careful from one property to the next.
00:07 Protecting staircase
00:08 Protecting door frames
00:10 Protecting laminate flooring
00:12 Protecting carpet
00:13 Protecting and packing glassware
00:14 Protecting and packing wine bottles
00:16 Dismantling piano
00:17 Packing intricate items
00:18 Dismantling and packing grandfather clock
00:22 Removing clothes from wardrobe and carefully packing into purpose built cardboard box with rail
00:23 Dismantling dining table
00:24 Packing china
00:26 Protecting sofa
00:27 Protecting TV
00:30 Packing artwork
00:48 Loading onto purpose built trucks
00:51 Safely transporting your possessions to new location

As you can see, we take a great deal of care when packing your personal possessions, to include glass and china, furniture, piano, electrical items, artwork, wine collection, and antiques. All of which are securely packed to ensure no breakages during transport. On arrival, we also protect your flooring, doorways and staircase.

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful things we do. At Johnsons, we take all of the stress and uncertainty out of moving. After all, we’ve been doing it since 1871!

We can take care of everything from planning your move to safely moving all of your furniture, personal possessions and valuables. We take great care in packing and moving your belongings, packing all individual items, as shown in this video.

If you prefer, we can provide packing materials for you to pack your own belongings. These will be delivered well in advance of your move to give you adequate time to get everything packed. It is often underestimated how long it takes to pack your house up, so if you have better ways to spend your time, why not ask us to do all the packing for you? Our fully trained staff will take the greatest care in professionally packing all of your belongings.

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