Gentle Giant HR Team Hosts Resume Workshop for Movers

Gentle Giant HR Team Hosts Resume Workshop for Movers

Gentle Giant
strives to hire only the best and brightest. Even as our ranks have grown from
two employees to over 500 in the busy season, we prioritize quality above
all.  The foundation of Gentle Giant is our
people: the staff who are in our customers’ homes every day, helping them
through the challenges of a life transition.

Hiring well-educated,
driven, athletic individuals means many of our employees pass through the doors
of Gentle Giant on their way towards other careers. Some Giants join us every
summer to stay fit for their collegiate sports, while others work part-time
while launching a business or pursuing a passion project. Others still return
to us after a few years working in an office to support themselves through
graduate school. Whatever the circumstance, they all carry the same thread of
enthusiasm, dedication, and athleticism.

The flexible and
open work environment at Gentle Giant allows us to attract and keep the best
possible staff. However, not everyone will choose to become a mover for life. We
recognize Gentle Giant may be a stepping stone for many of our exceptional employees,
so we hope to help each one make the most of their time working for us.

The Gentle Giant training department has always been focused on providing employees with ongoing training to prepare them for navigating challenging situations which arise daily. From de-escalating a customer conflict, to giving and receiving feedback, employees are trained throughout their time at Gentle Giant in soft skills which prove valuable well beyond their time as a mover.

Focusing on
employee development, the HR team launched a resume review and interview preparation
program for staff hoping to use their operations experience in search of their
next career step. The experience gained helping customers through a stressful
day is invaluable in every walk of life, but it can be challenging to translate
the skills gained as a mover to a more traditional work environment. With a
strong history of hiring from within, sometimes the next career step means
transitioning into a Gentle Giant office position. These workshops also
addressed how internal candidates can angle themselves to grow within the
company rather than seeking employment elsewhere.

Movers are more
than just people who pick things up and put things down; they are the ultimate
customer service representatives in an extremely stressful environment. The
resume and interview workshops strive to empower our employees to talk about
this experience thoroughly and clearly in a professional interview. Working as
mover is a great workout, but it also teaches attention to detail, composure
under stress, teamwork, ability to prioritize tasks, clear and concise
communication, conflict resolution, empathy, and outside-the-box thinking.

This month, the HR
team met with 50 seasonal employees to talk about their resumes, offer
suggestions, and discuss how to best discuss their time at Gentle Giant with
potential future employers. Movers gain important hands-on experience helping customers
through a stressful life event, and these workshops are intended to help our
employees learn how to share those new skills with others.

Thinking about your next career move and hope to gain valuable hands-on experience in a non-traditional work environment? Check out the Gentle Giant moving careers page and let us help you!

Published at Thu, 29 Aug 2019 14:00:18 +0000