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When it comes to moving house you’ll probably want to share your good news as soon as possible. However, it’s more than just your friends and family who you need to let know about this big life change.  From employers to doctors, the taxman to the post office, the list goes on and on.  What’s more, forgetting to let people know can cause knock-on effect, whether that means paying for unused services, confusion over payroll or even missing out on premium bond winnings.

So, to make sure no stone goes unturned and your move goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together our ‘who to tell’ checklist for moving to a new house.  Read below to find out more:


Career and Education


Whilst alerting your employer of your move is important as to keep your contact information up to date, it is perhaps more vital when it comes to your payroll.  Be sure to notify the HR department of your new address and make sure all necessary changes are made.

Inland Revenue

Taxes may be one of the most confusing and dreaded parts of adult life, but they are also one of the most important. That’s why Inland Revenue must be notified of any change of address in the run-up to your move.  This can be done online through the website and will require your National Insurance number and Government Gateway information to make any changes.

National Insurance

One of the primary ways you are identified by the government, your National Insurance Number plays a key role in getting a driving licence, job or paying taxes.  Therefore, updating your address is of paramount importance.  This can be done online or over the phone and contact information, including line opening times, can be found at


If you have children, be sure to notify their school of your change of address.  This will allow them to update any necessary information and ensure they can contact you when needed.


Most universities will send tuition information and fees via post, so it is important they have your most updated information on file regarding you or your child’s home address.




When moving to your new home, your phone company should be informed in order to provide you with a new landline number for the new property.  If you have a mobile, alerting your provider of your change of address will allow them to send any bills and necessary information to the correct address.  This can be done by phone or in store, dependent on your phone company of choice.


Transferring your existing broadband contract over to your new home can take a few days or weeks, with time frames varying from provider to provider.  Therefore, it is important to let them know of your move as soon as possible, to ensure you are not paying for a service you cannot access.  

TV Licence

Unfortunately, when you move, your TV licence will not be valid in your new property.  Therefore, you will need to change your address information on the TV Licencing website, which can be done up to 3 months prior to your moving date.


When it comes to electricity, gas and water, it is important to update your address information in good time, as it can take a few days for your provider to register these changes.  In addition, you should be aware of any charges that may occur from ending early and whether any existing services can be transferred to your new property. 

It is also good practice to make a note of your electricity and gas reading on your moving out date and share these with your utility provider, to ensure you won’t be charged for any usage after this date.


Making sure your post is being sent to your new address can be a time-consuming process, however, setting up a Royal Mail postal redirect can buy you some extra time.  Check out our article on ‘How to redirect mail when moving house’’ to find out more.

Local Services

If you employ the help of local maintenance or business services, such as gardeners, accountants or cleaners, it is important to alert them of your move as soon as possible to ensure they are aware of any cancellations or changes of property.

Moving house who to tell checklist

Local Authorities

Council Tax

Any change in address must be made on the relevant site, based on the location you are moving from and to.  This will ensure your council tax is calculated accurately and remains up to date.

Electoral Roll

To ensure you retain your ability to vote when you move, it is vital to re-register on the Electoral Roll for your new area.  This can be done on the website, where you can update your information and find out more about the voting opportunities in your area.  


Banks and Insurance


Your address plays a key role in your bank verifying your identity, therefore failure to update this information can put you at risk of identity theft in the future.  To notify your bank of any changes of address you can contact them by phone or in branch, as should do so as soon as possible.

Premium Bonds

If you have invested in Premium Bonds, be sure to update your address information prior to your move.  This will ensure you don’t miss out on any winnings.  Contact them by phone or online via their website.


Whether you are on a private or state pension plan, making them aware of your change in address is vital in guaranteeing you continue to receive what you are entitled to. 

Loan Companies

If you are currently undergoing loan repayments, it is important to notify the loan company of any change of address and the date on which you will be moving as soon as possible.  This can be done directly and the method in which to do so will vary from company to company, whether by phone, post or online.




As your driving licence is an acceptable form of identification in many situations, it is vital that the information on it is as up to date as possible.  This includes your home address.  To make any changes to your information visit the DVLA website, where you can update your details for free.

Car Insurance

Notifying your insurance provider of a change of address is important for both your policy payments and contact information, ensuring you are covered in case of an accident.  It is also worth contacting your insurance company to inquire about any changes in cost based on your new homes’ location, whether this is an increase or decrease in price.

Vehicle Tax

Failure to update your vehicle logbook (V5C) regarding changes of address is punishable by fine, and therefore must be done as soon as possible to avoid being charged.  Updates can be made online or by post, with more information available on the website.



If you are moving to a new area, you will probably need to change doctors as well.  When registering with a new practice, your old doctor should forward your medical information to your new doctor, to ensure all requirements are up to date.  This also applies to any dental practices, vets or opticians, and it can be good practice to get in touch to alert all necessary parties of your change of address prior to moving.


Whether you’re a frequent Amazon user or get your groceries delivered, changing your online delivery address information is vital in ensuring your purchases end up at the right place. Most companies allow you to change your details online, so it is important to do so as soon as you settle into your new place.

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