#1. Manufacturing is reduced depending on sales reduction


Many of see things to just happen like normal. Manufacturing of products is reduced where there is reduction in the sales of that particular commodity. The companies do so in a bid to cut short production costs and resources that could be used somewhere else to ensure that people have the best products at all times.

#2. Manufacturing cannot continue forever


You cannot manufacture the same product for life. This is because many things keep on changing and there comes a time when people lose interest in your things. Think of the Motorola Phones, the Nokia 110 Phones, they are nowhere to be found yet they were trendy some years back. The same thing to other products as well, they tend to be a boring factor with time and people stop from liking them which forces their manufacture to stop.

#3. Only manufacture small volume first


You need to test the market and its willingness to support your product. Of course marketing is highly needed but you need to play your cards well. The first versions should be compelling to the consumers to ensure that they get attracted to the products.

#4. It is done well when competition is high


Manufacturers misbehave when they enjoy the monopoly of the market. If the are many, they tend to better the services and people enjoy quality goods at all times., Invention in manufacturing business is highly needed because it is through it that people are able to get the best modernized products.